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Rev. Jan Griesinger '64 Retiring "After 28 Years of Fueling Progressive Action"

Rev. Jan Griesinger '64 Retiring "After 28 Years of Fueling Progressive Action"

June 1, 2004

June 1, 2004, Greencastle, Ind. - "After 28 years of fueling progressive action with United Campus Ministry, the Rev. Jan Griesinger is retiring this week," notes today's News of Athens, Ohio, of the 1964 DePauw University graduate. "Griesinger came to UCM, a local non-profit activist organization, in November 1976 and has played a fundamental role in numerous important undertakings throughout the last few decades. Griesinger will leave behind several lasting institutions that she helped found and/or nurture, including My Sister's Place, OU's Women's Studies Program, Open Doors: LGBT Student Association, Bridging the Diversity Gap Interactive Drama, and the Office for LGBT Programs in Baker Center," Lauren Coyle writes.

"I have helped work to keep a very small, very progressive, activist non-profit organization alive and well, with the help of strong community financial and moral support," Rev. Griesinger tells the newspaper. "In these recent years, this has been no small task."

"An overarching concern for equality of race, gender and sexuality has shaped Griesinger's experiences throughout the years," Coyle notes. "Her quest for equity was already in motion by the time she arrived at UCM. Griesinger completed seminary in Dayton during the late '60s, virtually coincident with the upsurge of the Women's Liberation Movement. She studied religion and philosophy as an undergraduate at DePauw University, so her studies in seminary came somewhat easily to her."

She says, "I am very proud of the work I have done and feel sad to leave such a wonderful organization and terrific staff and board. I feel strongly that it is time to leave and pursue other interests, and I'm looking forward to having more free time. I've never done this before, so I will have to live into it to even know how it feels."

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