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Art of Prof. Lori Miles Installed in Indianapolis' Bodner Arts Building

Art of Prof. Lori Miles Installed in Indianapolis' Bodner Arts Building

September 24, 2004

September 24, 2004, Greencastle, Ind. - "Accumulations," an exhibition of art by DePauw University assistant professor of art Lori Miles, is on display at the Bodner Arts Building in Indianapolis through September 30, notes today's Indianapolis Star. "Miles conceived of her installation," S.L. Berry writes, "as a means of exploring 'the extent of our grasp and the limits of our reach.' To do so, she created what she calls a 'drawing machine,' which consists of a circular platform on which she stands, arms outstretched, marking her arms' span as the platform rotates."

The article continues, "'I'm interested in the fact that we talk about keeping someone at arm's length and keeping things within arm's reach,' said Miles, speaking by phone from her office at DePauw University, where she's a professor of sculpture. 'I wanted to explore that.'"

Berry writes, "An individual artist grant from the Indiana Arts Commission helped underwrite her installation, which she says is an extension of her work as a sculptor rather than a break from it. 'Whether it's a tiny piece of sculpture or a room-sized installation piece,' said Miles, 'art is meant to evoke a response. That's what I hope for in everything that I do.'"

Read the complete text by clicking here. Bodner Arts Building is located at 1200 South Madison Avenue. For more information, call (317) 450-0806.