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Rob Lohman '94 Helps Others Find New Career Direction with 'Momentum Journey'

Rob Lohman '94 Helps Others Find New Career Direction with 'Momentum Journey'

January 16, 2005

Rob Lohman.jpgJanuary 16, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - "Looking to turn over a new leaf for 2005? Vail's Rob Lohman may have your ticket to career change and a different direction in life," begins an article in Colorado's Vail Daily News on the 1994 DePauw University graduate. Lohman has founded "the fledgling Momentum Journey, a nonprofit career counseling organization... seeks to help those stuck in a dead-end job or career rut."

Kate Stepan writes, "Born in Fort Wayne, Ind., Lohman moved to Texas when he was 9 years old and later attended college at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind. where he majored in biology. Originally planning to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, a doctor, Lohman did what any self-respecting recently-graduated fraternity brother would do -- move to Vail to figure things out."

Instead, Lohman wound up working a variety of jobs -- as a personal banker, residential property manager, commercial real estate representative and retail lease agent, school teacher and coach, and a career counselor. In the latter position, his vision of Momentum Journey took shape. "I didn't have much direction in my career path, I found myself just going to the next job that would pay the most money. I was just totally unfulfilled, I was not happy," he tells the newspaper. "Now I'm making half as much money but I'm three times as happy."

For a time, Lohman operated out of an RV painted bright red, traveling to colleges around the nation and telling students, "finding your career is a journey, quit freaking out about it." Momentum Journey has been based in Vail for about three months.

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