DePauw Students Reach Out to Local School Children as 'College Mentors for Kids'

DePauw Students Reach Out to Local School Children as 'College Mentors for Kids'

April 13, 2006

College Mentors 2006 2.jpgApril 13, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "On Wednesday afternoons Megan goes to DePauw University, even though the fourth grade student from Cloverdale Elementary is not a typical student," begins an article published in today's Banner-Graphic of Greencastle. "Megan is one of 30 children who participate in the DePauw University chapter of College Mentors for Kids, a statewide mentor program that matches first- through fourth-grade students with college student mentors for weekly on campus activities focusing on higher education and career, culture and diversity, and community service."

The story notes Emily Randazzo, a sophomore economics major at DePauw, is "big buddy" to Megan, who says, "My big buddy is my favorite [part of College Mentors for Kids] because she's the only person I know in college, and she's just like me." Randazzo states, "You're looking for a friend and they're looking for a friend. You couldn't imagine spending Wednesday afternoons doing anything else."

Rachel Johnson writes, "Started in 1999, the DePauw University chapter of College Mentors for Kids is run by college student volunteers and fully funded by the college and the Putnam County Community Foundation. Each week the children and mentors participate in a structured, educational activity that fits into one of the three curriculum focuses and uses a variety of campus resources, including different faciltites and faculty. The program's goal is to expose College Mentors 2006.jpgchildren to higher education and careers at an early age; it also develops leadership skills and philanthropic interest in college students... (Participating children) show improved interest in school and higher grades, and they have better relationships with both peers and adults. They also learn that college is an option."

Sarah Good, a senior sociology major who chairs DePauw's College Mentors for Kids chapter, states: "I've had my buddy for three years, and she'd just run at me and give me the biggest bear hug that a little girl can give. I've seen the impact of the program on her and me."

Visit College Mentors for Kids online by clicking here.