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Prague Post Profiles Jeffrey Martin '98 and His New Way of Conveying City's Beauty

Prague Post Profiles Jeffrey Martin '98 and His New Way of Conveying City's Beauty

June 26, 2007

Jeff Martin 1998 Prague.jpgJune 26, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - “When a city is as heavily photographed as Prague, it’s hard to find a new way of seeing what has become a typical and clichéd beauty,” writes the Prague Post. “However, for the past two years, Jeffrey Martin, creator of the Web site Prague360.com, has been sharing with his visitors a way of looking at the city from a different angle -- or, rather, from every angle.” Martin is a 1998 graduate of DePauw University.

The newspaper reports that Martin, who has lived in Prague for seven years, uses virtual reality picture technology to display 360-degree tours of “more than 800 venues and panoramas around the city, allowing a virtual walk-through -- complete with Google Map -- of the city’s restaurants, bars, clubs, landmarks, real estate and more.”

Martin’s Prague360.com site has become very popular with many visitors who have never been able to visit Prague themselves, as well as people who have never seen the picturesque city from all the angles that Martin provides.

The site has become so successful that Martin plans to use it as a model or a more comprehensive Web site, 360cities.net. The new Web site “will provide similar virtual tours of other cities around the world, including Vienna, Venice, Moscow, Damascus and Los Jeff Martin Prague Image.jpgAngeles,” the newspaper reports. “Collaborating with photographers in each city, Martin has plans to see his franchises spread across other major cities, all collated at his new site.”

An English writing major at DePauw, Martin merged his strong interests in photography and technology to develop the concept for the 360-degree tour of Prague and other cities. His business is now as popular as the hot spots featured in his online tours.

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