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DePauw Gospel Choir Contributes to 'Cherish the Children' Vigil

DePauw Gospel Choir Contributes to 'Cherish the Children' Vigil

April 23, 2008

DePauw Gospel Choir April 2008.jpgApril 23, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - "Members of the DePauw Gospel Choir sang the lyrics, 'Flowing from my eyes are the issues of my heart' as participants waited for the start of the program," reports Greencastle's Banner-Graphic of last night's "Cherish the Children" candlelight vigil. The program, at Gobin United Methodist Church on the DePauw campus, focused on the issue of child abuse and neglect in Putnam County. (photo of choir courtesy of Banner-Graphic)

"Last year 142 children were abused or neglected in the county," Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray told the gathering. "That's less than last year but not it's not down enough." Murray, who was a social worker for 25 years, added, "Child abuse doesn't have anything to do with economics, race or religion. It does have to do with a parent's disappointment. Maybe they wanted a boy after three girls and didn't get one. It can be that there is no support or little parenting skill. Maybe it's drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it's mental illness. What's important is that there is help. There are all these dedicated volunteers and workers. Help is available in schools and churches, with law enforcement and the government and with agencies like these here tonight."

The entire article can be accessed at the newspaper's Web site.