DePauw Among the Choices of Harvard-Bound 'One-Man Ivy League Whiz Kid'

DePauw Among the Choices of Harvard-Bound 'One-Man Ivy League Whiz Kid'

June 18, 2008

Lucas 2008(2).jpgJune 18, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - "New Yorker Lukasz Zbylut started his American education in the seventh grade after emigrating from Poland. Now he's headed for Harvard after turning down 17 other prestigious schools, including six other Ivies" and DePauw University, reports New York's WNBC. The teenager is featured today in stories by the television station and New York Post. The newspaper's print edition shows a DePauw pennant in a picture with Zbylut and notes, "Despite entering one of the most competitive college-application seasons ever at top institutions, the 18-year-old Brooklyn brainiac got accepted into 18 selective schools -- including all seven Ivy League colleges he applied to." (photo: New York Post)

"I applied to all these great colleges thinking, 'Why not?,'" he says. "I had to turn down a lot of great schools, schools I'd be happy to go to."

The Post reports that Lukasz "served as co-captain of the model UN team, captain and founder of the debate team, president of the mock-trial team, editor of the school newspaper and in a host of other positions. He also found time to play soccer and volunteer in his Dyker Fall 2007 ROW.jpgHeights neighborhood. Next week, Lukasz is graduating at the top of a class of 575 students -- with a 104.7 average due to weighting of grades -- before moving on to study politics, philosophy and law as a Harvard Faculty Scholarship recipient."

Read more the story -- "A One-Man Ivy League Whiz Kid Wooed By All Picks Harvard" -- the Post, a story at, and a sidebar which mentions Lukasz's DePauw application. The television station also provides a video interview and edited story featuring the high school senior.