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Obama Volunteer Coordinator Kati Garringer-Maccabe '08 in Paper's Spotlight

Obama Volunteer Coordinator Kati Garringer-Maccabe '08 in Paper's Spotlight

November 4, 2008

Kati Garringer-Maccabe Oct 2008.jpgNovember 4, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - "I wanted to come to Colorado," says Kati Garringer-Maccabe, who is the volunteer coordinator at Barack Obama's 'Campaign for Change' office in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The 2008 DePauw University graduate, who is profiled in today's Steamboat Pilot & Today, adds, "I wanted to be in a swing state where the action was ... I felt I got to make a difference." (photo by John F. Russell, courtesy Steamboat Pilot & Today)

Campaign 2008 Button.jpgThe article written by Brandon Gee, who graduated from DePauw in 2007, notes that "Garringer-Maccabe is from Indiana ... [which] has not voted for a Democrat since 1964. So Garringer-Maccabe ... came to Steamboat Springs to sway the opinions of voters in purple Colorado ... At the Obama office, Garringer-Maccabe's volunteer army includes people from other less-competitive states, such as California (blue), Utah (red) and Illinois (blue)."

The text adds, "Garringer-Maccabe said the Obama campaign also asks people to visit neighboring swing states or make phone calls to them from home. Before graduating from DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., in May, Garringer-Maccabe would call voters in other states from her dorm room."

The complete story can be accessed at the Pilot & Today's Web site.