Senior's Essay on DePauw's Campus Ministry is Published

Senior's Essay on DePauw's Campus Ministry is Published

January 31, 2010

Melissa Zimmerman sm.jpgJanuary 31, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — DePauw University senior Melissa G. Zimmerman contributes a column to the current edition of the Hoosier United Methodist's Together. "I came to DePauw knowing I am working toward ordination as an Elder and next year I will be attending the Methodist Theological School in Ohio," writes Zimmerman. "Campus ministry has been very important for my life during my time at DePauw."

A double major in religious studies and Greek, Zimmerman notes, "One part of DePauw’s campus ministry that has been most important for me is the Sunday night Bible study, called BS with the Chaplain. The Rev. P.T. Wilson started it at the beginning of my sophomore year and I have been attending ever since. We have covered a broad range of topics and some of my experiences in the Bible study have helped me grow spiritually. I remember trying to explain to a fundamentalist girl about the different sources of the two creation stories in Genesis or more recently trying to explain to a girl from China the concept of God or a god at all. This has been an important opportunity for me to learn, grow and develop a language to say what I believe."Jan2010 UMC Together.jpg

She adds, "Among other things, our campus ministry has been important in support for me and others as we discussed going into full-time ministry. Once a month, we have a dinner called Ministry and a Meal. A few of us have been regulars since its beginning and through the years have changed in numbers as people came to explore the idea of ministry."

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