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Communications Staff

Office of University Communications

Miranda Bemis 
Communications Assistant and Office Manager
Contact: Class Notes, Hometowns

101 East Seminary Street

Deedie Dowdle 
Vice President for Communications and Marketing

101 East Seminary Street

Kelly Graves
Creative Director
Contact: Graphic Design, Brand, Logos, Photography

101 East Seminary Street

Sarah McAdams, M.A.
Communications Manager
Contact: Recent Words in DePauw Magazine, Arts, Web Stories 

101 East Seminary Street

Ken Owen, B.A.
Executive Director of Media Relations
Contact: Media, Student Media, Interview Requests

101 East Seminary Street

Bill Wagner, M.A. 
Director of Athletics Communications
Contact: Athletics Web Site, Athletics Social Media, Statistics, Media Contact for Athletics 

Lilly Center

Mariel Wilderson
Director of Communications
Contact: DePauw Magazine, Admission, Development, Web Stories

101 East Seminary Street

Chris Wolfe
Communications Manager
Contact: Web Updates, Analytics, Faculty, Web Stories  

101 East Seminary Street