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Below are a few of the questions we've been asked about how to create pages in the BigTree CMS.

What are the differences between BigTree 3x and BigTree 4x?

See the BigTree What's new PDF.

Where can I find general help on BigTree?

Check out our BigTree Beginner Training document for instructions and screenshots. Need more help? You can use this form to request training or contact us.

How do I link to a PDF file or other resource I uploaded to BigTree?

See the BigTree working with documents video.

How do I add an image to the Content section in BigTree?

See the BigTree working with images video.

How to I crop an image for a footer callout or module?

BigTree will help you if an image needs to be cropped to fit in the available area. See this video for how to crop with BigTree.

Can I embed a video into a BigTree page?

Yes! Here's a video how.

I'm missing the Edit and Archive icons in the BigTree Admin screen. Or the icons don't look like they did in our training session.

Ensure that your browser isn't zoomed in or out. See the below screenshot for help:

Firefox Menu - Zoom

I created a new page in BigTree in the wrong location. How do I move it?

Unfortunately you can't move a page. You'll have to archive it & delete it and then create the page in the correct spot.

The address/URL to the page I just created is really long. How do I fix it?

  • Edit the page in question in the BigTree admin screen.
  • Click on the SEO tab
  • Edit the text on the URL Route line.
  • (Please note: do not use spaces or special characters in your new URL. Use a dash or an underscore if you need to place space between words.)

The Faculty/Staff List of my Interdisciplinary Department doesn't list one of our faculty/staff members.

Email Web Services with the faculty/staff's full name, e-mail address and what interdisciplinary department they should be listed on. We'll add them and let you know when the work has been completed.

My room, phone, title, or department isn't correct in the faculty/staff directory.

Contact Human Resources to have this updated.

Why is page title important?

Watch the Page Title video for why it's important and how to update it in BigTree.