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When DePauw University has exhausted all efforts in attempting to collect a past-due debt, the debt will be placed with a third party for further collection efforts. This third party may be a collection agency or attorney. While being worked by a third party, the University can no longer be contacted regarding the debt per the contract established between the University and the third party. The collection agencies the University works with are below.

Williams & Fudge, Inc. 1-800-849-9791 www.wfcorp.com
General Revenue Corporation 1-800-234-1472 www.generalrevenue.com
Recovery Management Services 1-800-900-3944 www.rmscollects.com
Cedar Financial 1-800-980-3357 www.cedarfinancial.com

When a debt is placed with a third party for further collection efforts, the debtor is responsible for any and all reasonable collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, and other applicable costs. The debt may also be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus as a derogatory item on the debtor's credit report.