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Payment Services

Payment Services is responsible for the issuance of monthly account statements and for the collection of payments for tuition, fees, and room and meal plans. Our office hours are: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1-5:00 pm Monday thru Friday (office will be closed each day from noon-1). Our staff members are available via email, phone, or for in-person visits during our regular office hours. Please feel free to contact a member of our staff for assistance.

Payment Services FAQs

When will I receive my statement?

Student account statements are published monthly on our online billing and payment portal Transact Payments by the 10th of the month. The first statement for Semester I (fall term and winter term) will be available by July 10 and will have a due date of August 1. The first statement for Semester II (spring term and May term) will be available by January 10 and will have a due date of February 1.

How are statements sent out?

Statements are only stored on Transact Payments for viewing by the student and any authorized payer. They are not mailed.

Can my parents access my statement?

Yes, but only if the student invites them as a payer on Transact Payments. Parents will not receive billing and payment notifications if they are not authorized payers on Transact.

Invite a Payer Instructions

FERPA Help for Parents and Families

My statement has not been updated to show the recent activity on my account. What do I do?

Monthly statements are just snapshots of the account as of the statement date. They will not update. Instead, students and authorized payers can view any recent activity that was posted to the account by selecting “View Account Activity Since Last Statement” on the “Statements” page of Transact Payments.

I need help understanding the items listed on my statement. Who can I contact?

Students and families are encouraged to contact Payment Services with questions about their statements. Please note that while we cannot answer specific questions about your charges, financial aid, or account adjustments, we can connect you with the office or department that can. You can also review a helpful contact list here: Helpful Contacts.

How to Read Your Statement Instructions

Is there a payment plan available for the semester?

Yes! The 4-Month Payment Plan will be available for enrollment when the first bill of each semester is published. The plan allows students and families to pay the total semester’s charges over four months. This is a 100% free option; No enrollment fees and no monthly interest. More information about the 4-Month Payment Plan can be found here: 4-Month Payment Plan.

One or more items on the statement should not be there, are not correct, and/or were supposed to be billed at a later date. what should I do?

Please contact the office that sent through the charge(s) as soon as possible so that they can review the account. They will be the ones to send through any corrections if the charge is not correct. Until then, payment is still required by the statement’s due date. If the charge gets reversed later, a refund will be issued for any overpayment on the account.

How can I make payments to DePauw?

Students and families may pay by cash or check in person or with a credit/debit card, bank account transfer, electronic 529 account, or international currency online on Transact Payments. More information about making payments can be found here: Making Payments.

What happens if my payment arrives late or my financial aid is not processed by the beginning of the semester?

DePauw offers a five-day grace period before assessing late payment fees and placing holds on the student’s account. Please be sure to be mindful of holidays and mailing times when submitting your payment. More information about our account holds and late payment fees can be found here: Payment Policies and Procedures.