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Educational loans that are not part of the Federal Student Aid program are typically referred to as "private" or "alternative" loans. These loans can be made to either the student (usually requiring a co-signer) or the parent.

Before considering additional funding through a private loan program, DePauw encourages students and their parents to utilize all other types of aid including the maximum Federal Loan eligibility available to them. Comprehensive information regarding Federal Loan programs is available here. Once all federal opportunities and the monthly payment plan have been exhausted, a private loan can assist the family in bridging the gap between college costs and traditional funding sources.

General Information

Terms and conditions of private loans (including approval, interest rates and fees) are dependent on the credit worthiness of the borrower or the co-borrower. The borrower as a consumer should carefully review program details before selecting a private loan program.

  • Eligibility - The school must certify enrollment and eligibility based on total cost of education minus other financial aid received. The borrower and co-borrower must be credit worthy as determined by the lender.
  • Interest rates and fees - The interest rates on private loans can vary depending on the type of loan, the lender and the credit history of the borrower or co-borrower. Interest rates can be either fixed or variable without a cap depending on the lender.  Interest rates and fees for students who do not have a co-borrower will usually be higher.
  • Repayment - Repayment of a private loan can be deferred until six months after the student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time, however the interest will accrue during the in-school period, which will increase the amount of the loan. Some lenders may require that you make interest only payments while in school.
  • Self-Certification Form - Private Loan borrowers must complete a Self-Certification Form. Your lender will provide you with this form and instructions on how it must be completed (electronically or by paper). All Self-Certification Forms for Private Loans should be sent to your specific lender and NOT the Financial Aid Office. 


DePauw will process private loans from any lending institution. However, we have compiled an historical list of private loan lenders that were most frequently used by DePauw parent and students in the previous three years. Please note that this list is not inclusive of all available lenders. DePauw cannot recommend any particular lender, but encourages you to compare lenders and loan terms to select the lender that best fits your needs. FASTChoice is a private loan selection tool that helps parents and students make a wise choice regarding borrowing private loans. FASTChoice allows you to compare lender rates, terms, and benefits.

The criteria listed below will be reviewed periodically to determine if loan programs may be added to or removed from the FASTChoice list of lenders.

  • Fees and/or borrower discounts during repayment
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Compatibility with university procedures for electronic application processing and fund delivery
  • Loan Servicing
  • Customer Service
  • Long-term commitment to educational financing
  • No longer a private loan lender

The list is randomly rotated and display order is not an endorsement of a specific lender. It is the responsibility of the borrower to review the terms and conditions of each program prior to selecting a lender.

>>Apply Now at FASTChoice.


The following lenders are not available on FASTCHOICE and have been used previously by DePauw students and parents:

Bank of North Dakota

MPOWER Financing

Purdue Credit Bureau