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2024 Total Eclipse at DePauw

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will pass over central Indiana, giving DePauw a front row seat to a rare and remarkable phenomenon. Although the total phase of the eclipse only lasts a few minutes, the DePauw community is enjoying several weeks of celebration and interdisciplinary learning experiences in anticipation of this event.

The festivities culminate with a shared opportunity for the entire university to pause and experience the eclipse together. There will be no classes in the afternoon of April 8, allowing all eyes on campus to look to the sky. 

Whether you're in the path of totality or not, you can share in the excitement by exploring all things celestial in this collection of eclipse-related resources and media.

Find out about the ancient Antikythera Mechanism with Professor Pedar Foss:

Watch as Professor Mary Kertzman explains the intricacies of Bailey's Astral Lantern:

See a snapshot of the scene on campus during eclipse day:

View a collection of photographs from various campus events leading up to the eclipse:

Read the poem "Silence," written by Professor Joe Heithaus, which landed on the moon in February as part of the Lunar Codex:

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