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DePauw ranks among the best small and national liberal arts colleges in nation

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DePauw has been named among the best small colleges and best national liberal arts colleges in the nation by College Consensus.

The organization, which aggregates the results of what it calls “the most reputable college ranking publishers” and student reviews posted on the web, ranked DePauw No. 37 in the nation among small colleges and No. 43 among national liberal arts colleges.

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Carole Taylor of College Consensus said that “the nation's small colleges provide some of the best educational experiences to students. Anyone who has attended a small college knows ‘small’ might describe the size, but it does not describe the quality or lasting impact on students’ lives.”

Of national liberal arts institutions, she said, “the liberal arts are crucial for training the next generation of teachers, artists, researchers, thinkers and leaders. Receiving a liberal arts education benefits the whole person and therefore the common good.”


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