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Faculty and staff news roundup - Feb. 16, 2021

Snowy campus
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President Lori White has been named to the executive committee of the Indianapolis Prize, a $250,000 biennial award made by the Indianapolis Zoo to an animal conservationist who has advanced the sustainability of an animal species. The 2020 winner, biologist Amanda Vincent, is scheduled to give a lecture at DePauw Sept. 23.

Melissa Ngan, a part-time assistant professor of music, has been named president and chief executive officer of the American Composers Orchestra in New York.

Sharmin Tunguz, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience, was quoted in “What Is Emotional Labor, Really? You Might Be Surprised,” a Feb. 10 story by Refinery29.

Philips Akinwole, postdoctoral scholar and assistant professor of biology, is a co-author of the peer-reviewed article, “Elucidating stream bacteria utilizing terrestrial dissolved organic matter,” recently published by World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Alicia Suarez, the Otto L. Sonder professor of sociology, associate professor of sociology and chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department, is the author of a peer-reviewed article, “Black Midwifery in the United States: Past, Present, and Future,” published in August in Social Compass.

Jeff McCall, communications professor, wrote a column, “How COVID Media Malpractice Betrayed the Public,” that was published Feb. 9 by CNSNews. He was quoted by Fox News Feb. 11 in “Sam Vinograd becomes latest liberal pundit to jump from CNN to Biden administration” and “As Zucker’s exit from CNN looms, critics bemoan network’s hyper partisan turn” and Feb. 13 in “CNN and the dangerous distortion of truth while New Yorkers died.”


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