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Faculty and staff news roundup - July 6, 2021

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Mother’s Tongue,” an essay by Samuel Autman, associate professor of English, published in the journal Brevity in May 2015 and “The Best of Brevity” in November 2020, will be included in the second edition of the textbook “Foundations of Language & Literature,” published by Bedford, Freeman & Worth High School Publishers.

Rob West, the Elizabeth P. Allen distinguished university professor, professor of psychology and chair of the Psychology and Neuroscience Department, and his student, Kate Cowger ’22, won the Dr. Hermann Zemlicka Award at the virtual NeuroIS Retreat 2021 in June for the most visionary paper about the research project she worked on in West’s lab and on which she gave a talk to an international audience.

A recent book by Derek Ford, assistant professor of education studies, “Inhuman Educations: Jean-François Lyotard, Pedagogy, Thought,” was reviewed in Postdigital Science and Education, which deemed it “a novel contribution to the field of educational thought and critical practice in that it moves the import of Lyotard’s work past ‘The Postmodern Condition.’”

Veronica Pejril, director of Faculty Instructional Technology Support, coordinator of the Music Instructional Technology Center and an adjunct assistant professor of music, has joined the board of the Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association at Princeton University, from which she received a Master of Fine Arts and studied for a doctorate.

Jeff McCall, communications professor, was quoted by Variety in its July 1 story, “Bill Cosby Is Out of Prison but He’s Not Welcome in Hollywood: ‘He Is Toxic.’

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