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Faculty and staff news roundup - Oct. 12, 2021

Sun reflects on clock tower
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President Lori S. White will give the A.J. Carlson Lecture, titled “One More River to Cross: Elevating the Value and Impact of the 21st Century Liberal Arts College,” at Austin College Oct. 14.  

The essay “Immortal Voices” by Nicole Lobdell, assistant professor of English, was published in Nineteenth-Century Contexts. It begins with a surprising discovery in a rural Indiana cemetery and ends with Amanda Gorman’s 2021 inauguration poem “The Hill We Climb,” connecting the two events through the power of words, poetry and performances that move us to action.

Emmitt Riley, associate professor of Africana studies, was one of 200 scholars from nearly 100 colleges and universities who collaborated on a recent survey of 15,000 people conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles. The survey found that attitudes about politics and policy varied broadly depending on respondents’ race and ethnicity.

An essay by Samuel Autman, associate professor of English, has been showcased online by Bellevue Literary Review. Autman spent 15 years “revising, submitting and facing rejection” with “Our Eyes Were Watching Marcia.” He says “I wanted to get it right, and I feel the editors have helped me do so.” 

Stevie Baker-Watson, associate vice president for campus wellness and the Theodore Katula director of athletics and recreational sports, was quoted by the Indianapolis Business Journal in “Should men’s and women’s Final Fours be held in the same city, same weekend?

Derek Ford, assistant professor of education studies, participated in a discussion of his latest monograph “Marxism, Pedagogy, and the General Intellect: Beyond the Knowledge Economy,” at The People’s Forum in New York City Oct. 8.

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