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Women in photography: the gendered lens

With the proliferation of smart phones, cameras are everywhere. But rather than snapping a selfie or a photo of food, students in this Women in Photography class are using their cameras as a tool to question the role of gender and identify in their own lives.

Under the direction of photographer Cynthia O’Dell, the A. Reid Winsey professor of art and art history, students were asked to create photographs as an act of empowerment, depicting themselves in any way they chose. 

Split view of a tree with a person's figure in profile on a snowy background Caleigh Cramer ’22

Caleigh Cramer ’22, referencing Dada, an art movement that dates to World War I.

Woman seated on stair case Sasha Taxter ’22

Sasha Taxter ’22, referencing Frances Benjamin Johnston, a photojournalist who worked in the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

Still life with a bone and flowers on black fabric Holly Acree ’20

Holly Acree ’20, referencing Anna Atkins, a 19th-century English botanist and photographer.

Photographer taking a photo of someone seated, facing away Kobby Van Dyck ’20

Kobby Van Dyck ’20, referencing Frances Benjamin Johnston.

Icy leaf Jordyn Blakey ’22

Jordyn Blakey ’22, referencing Anna Atkins.

Person viewing four photographs beneath strings of Christmas lights Rachel Oosterhoff ’22

Rachel Oosterhoff ’22, referencing the Tate galleries in Great Britain.

Woman lying on a bed of pine needles Alyssa Luarde ’22

Alyssa Luarde ’22, referencing photographer Anne Brigman.

Woman in the dark Tilly Marlatt ’19

Tilly Marlatt ’19 referencing Julia Margaret Cameron, a 19th-century photographer of celebrities. 

Couple seated on sofa Abi Smith ’21

Abi Smith ’21, referencing Julia Margaret Cameron. 

Female face in black and white with a double exposure of her framed in her silhouette Abby Morrison ’22

Abby Morrison ’22, referencing Hannah Hoch, a German Dada artist.

A lit lighter illuminating leaves Minkyo Park ’21

Minkyo Park ’21, referencing Anna Atkins.

An out of focus woman pushing at a ceiling and her in focus boot near the camera Kathleen Banek ’21

Kathleen Banek ’21, referencing woman empowerment. 

Black and white photo of a man lifting a woman in the air Autum Cavender ’22

Autum Cavender ’22, referencing Anne Brigman.

Woman in profile with a double exposure of pine trees Cami Henry ’22

Cami Henry ’22, referencing Julia Margaret Cameron.

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