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  • Judson Green ’74

    Judson Green ’74

    He had loved music since he was 4, when he sat with his back to the upright piano as his sister took lessons and felt the rhythmic vibrations, and life as a professional musician beckoned.

    But when a teenage Judson Green, already an accomplished jazz pianist and French horn player, expressed his desire to major in music at DePauw University, his father suggested a career in business made more sense.

    The younger Green may not have gotten his way, but things turned out fine. His life, in fact, is peppered with similar situations. Judson Green has an uncanny knack for turning lemons into lemonade.

  • Joshua Thompson ’04

    Joshua Thompson ’04

    It took several years and a circuitous route before Joshua A. Thompson ’04 said, “I got over myself and my insecurities and my fears and put myself back out there as a performing artist.”

    When he was a teen, his path seemed clear: He would study trumpet performance at DePauw, a choice recommended by his private trumpet teacher and eased because his sister, Jessica Thompson Anderson ’02, was already enrolled at DePauw.

    But Thompson, who “was always that kid who would ask why,” felt confined by the demands of the trumpet program and, after an “unbelievably fascinating” sociology class, switched majors to sociology, the study of which helped him “get comfortable with my identity” as a gay, African-American man. 

  • The Bo(u)lder Question By Erin Rees Clayton ’01 Magazine

    The Bo(u)lder Question By Erin Rees Clayton ’01

    How can we evolve the food system into one that will sustainably nourish the world’s growing population?

  • Meet Facilities Management Third Shift Team Members

    Meet Facilities Management Third Shift Team Members

    If you aren’t on campus between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, you may not know that 16 of our colleagues are here. Divided into three teams, they systematically descend upon campus in the wee hours and work their magic while the rest of us are fast asleep.

    And even though we don’t see them or rarely have a chance to know them, we’re certainly thankful for what they do.

  • 1,000 WORDS’ WORTH Magazine

    1,000 WORDS’ WORTH

    1,000 Words Worth is a regular feature in DePauw Magazine.

  • Meet Angie Clevenger and Judy Hastings

    Meet Angie Clevenger and Judy Hastings

    If you’ve been to Café Roy in Roy O. West Library, you’ve probably met Angie Clevenger and Judy Hastings. They’ve been serving lattes, frappes and cappuccinos together for the last six years. And if you’re a frequent customer, they know your name and your order.

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