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Louisiana Waterthrush

Parkesia motacilla
Warbler family (Parulidae)

A large warbler. Bobs tail while walking. Brownish back, wings, and tail; heavily streaked breast; white throat.

Bottomland forests with thick vegetation along ravines.

Nests on the ground under roots or in cavities in steep banks along a stream. Eggs are white with variable brown or purple marks. Clutch size – 3 to 6 eggs.


Song begins with a series of three or four clear slurred whistles followed by a fading series of jumbled twittering notes.  Call is a loud rich “chink.

Name Origin:

The species name motacilla is from the Latin for “wagtail” referring to its constant tail-wagging behavior.

In the Nature Park:
Neotropical migrant, arrives in early April. Nests along narrow ravines in the deep woods of the Nature Park.