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Wood Duck

Aix sponsa 
Duck family (Anatidae)

A small duck. Crested head, broad wings, square-shaped tail in flight. Male has a colorful head, white throat, large green crest, pink bill, red eye. Female has a brownish gray body, dark crown, white patch around eye.

Forested wetlands.

Cavity nester. Uses natural cavities in large trees or artificial nest boxes. Clutch size – 10 eggs. Eggs are white, creamy white, or dark tan; glossy. Chicks are precocial, downy, fly 8 to 10 weeks after hatching.


Hauk” or “oo-eek” call given by female in flight.  Male call is a drawn-out “ji-ihb” or low squeaky “jeeb.

Name Origin:

Aix is from the Greek for “waterfowl.”  The species name sponsa is from the Latin for “betrothed,” i.e., dressed for a wedding, from the bird’s attractive appearance.

In the Nature Park:
Year-round resident.