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CSC 197

First-Year Seminar

A seminar focused on a theme related to the study of computer science. Open only to first-year students. Does not count toward the major in computer science or into the major GPA.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Gloria Townsend

197A: FYS: Seduced By A Machine

Why are we seduced by a machine? One of the central issues of our age contemplates the human allure of an inhuman world, the virtual world of a computer. We will explore answers to the seduction question by traveling four different paths, asking more and more questions before we uncover our informed -- but individual -- answers to the question that includes the course's title.

1) Historical: How have mechanical advances and technology changed society over the centuries? Is technology our friend or our foe? The central questions we pose in the First-Year Seminar lie in a larger context that we will investigate.

2) From Seduction to Obsession: Are we attracted to technology as an outlet for our creativity -- or for power and money or as a substitute for friends and family?

3) Where are the women?: Why is the world of computing dominated by white males? The FYS now morphs to a service learning project (we will work with local school children), as we answer the gender question before turning to our last and ultimate question.

4) Will I Be Seduced by a Machine?