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Education Studies

The education studies department takes the view that the process of education is critical to a society still moving toward its democratic ideals.

Examining education and education-related issues from a variety of theoretical perspectives, the department offers courses that recognize the socio-cultural, historical, political, economic and philosophical influences on learning, teaching and human development. As a result of their coursework, field experiences, formal research projects, exposure to national speakers, and internships and off-campus study trips, education students cultivate several qualities: an awareness of their personal power and agency, the ability to critique as well as problem solve, and the capacity to undertake informed and principled action within learning communities. Thus, the department’s curricular offerings highlight how self-discovery and understanding one’s natural and social worlds occur in a range of settings, including but not limited to, schools.

The four-year non-licensure education studies program focuses on education as a discipline within the liberal arts. Students investigate topics such as the sociology of education, the political economy of education systems, and theories of learning and development as well as engage in cultural, historical and philosophical studies in education.

Sample Courses:

Comparative Education, Education and Social Change, History of American Education, American Public School Law, Women in Education