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Why Choose Education Studies?

Through Education Studies, students develop into Critical Educators, Transformative Intellectuals, and Public Pedagogues.

The Critical Educator investigates the highly contested meanings and processes of education.

The Transformative Intellectual is aware of personal agency and power to transform communities.

The Public Pedagogue demonstrates communication and interpersonal skills, knowledge and understanding of human development and diversity, and the ability to engage broad contradictory world views.

Read more about the mission of the Education Studies department.


Whether studying Education Studies as a foundation for further education or for preparation for a career, students are well prepared for an array of possibilities.

Paths To Teaching

Many Education Studies students find they want to spend some time as a classroom teacher as part of their career.  Even though teacher licensure is not available through DePauw, there are multiple pathways students can choose to pursue teaching both with and without a license.