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Current Seminar Topics

Professor Bruggemann's Seminar Class:

"Serpentine Enemy": Reimagining Gender Roles in the Age of Anne Boleyn
Chao Ding An Institutional Miracle: Creation of the Federal Reserve System 
Daniel Furman The Spanish Perplexity: American Reactions to Spain's Civil War
Grace Goodbarn “Girls don’t take playing [sports] as seriously”: The Progression of Title IX through DePauw University Women’s Sports
Amberly Griesse "That Damned Abolitionist Hole": The Antebellum Transformation of Granville Ohio
Sheridan Schulte The Art of Medicine: Examining Dr. Ruth Hartgraves as a Twentieth Century Female OBGYN
Jack Woods Seeing Red: History and Implications of the U.S. Government's Attack on Communist Subversion in Hollywood

Professor Dewey's Seminar Class:

Katherine Copper  Exposing the Truth of Franco: The Evolution of Spain’s Historical Narrative
Devin Freed  “Weep with them”: Causes of American Inaction During the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Mary Kate Misch  “Out here due process is a bullet”: American Traditionalism in Vietnam Propaganda Film, 1958-68
Quinton Morrow  “Un-Lucky” Portrayals: Luciano, the Gangster Archetype and Italian-American Stereotypes on Screen
Paige Powers  “There’s a pretty woman in politics at last”: The Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform and the Role of Gender as a Tactic for Political Advancement
John Standley  Cleansing Guatemala’s Internal Rot and Abandoned Hopes with Social Democracy
Rhys Weber  Back to the Future, Towards the Past: Reagan Era Nostalgia and the Political Impact of Eighties Film