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Current Seminar Topics

Professor Bruggemann's Seminar Class:

Luke Bretscher A Small Town Miracle: The Story of the North Platte (Nebraska) Canteen during WWII
Stacey-Ann Chambers The Landless People of Namibia: Considering the Different Factors and Players in the Impoverishment of the San people living in Namibia
Tyler Dolan Forming Pearl Bryan: The Media's Construction of One of America's First Sensationalist Murder Cases
Matt Johnson The Soul of a Tiger
Will King The Alamo: Film and Memory
Carolyn Latta The Yellow Peril: An exploration of the Japanese Image in Editorial Cartoons
Candy Liu Robert Winter: Practicing and Carrying Forward the Guiding Ideology of New Culture Movement, 1920s-1950s
Tom Smith Alcatraz: Myths vs. Reality
Sam Spahn The Original Footloose: How DePauw University Pushed Back Against Methodism
Graham Wilkerson The Black Friar Incident: A Catalyst For Student Confrontation on DePauw's Campus, 1959

Professor Dewey's Seminar Class:

Taylor Beaty Mercy Otis Warren: Women of the American Revolution
Ben Brandstatter USA Hockey 1980: Memory of "Miracle of Ice"
Kyle Gerlach German Americans and WWI Propaganda
Jacob Kreines Agriculture, Pesticides and US Government Regulation
Roy Leaf Anti-Modernism and the American Sportsman
Andres Leal Nixon and the Pentagon Papers
Jean Rebarchak WWI Memory and the Cenotaph in London
Mike Rizzo The National newspaper and ESPN
Connor Stallings Newburgh Raid and the Impact on Indiana and Kentucky in the Civil War
Sarah Steele Mass Murderer and Mob Hit-man Richard Kuklinski
Sam Swofford DePauw - Wabash Rivalry and the 1932 Monon Bell Game