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Reserving Sites at the DePauw University Nature Park

Reserving Sites at the Nature Park

The Nature Park is home to the Janet Prindle Institute of Ethics, the Ian and Mimi Roland Welcome and Activities Center, the Manning Environmental Field Station, and the James and Sue Bartlett Reflection Center.

To reserve the Welcome Center, Bartlett Reflection Center, or the outdoor amphitheater, contact the Office of Conference and Campus Events at jmsibbitt@depauw.edu

We charge everyone unless it is academically related to DePauw or if it is an approved educational field trip.  We charge for retirement parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings, receptions, etc.  No weddings will be held during the Academic School Year, Alumni Reunion Weekend, or on holiday weekends.

Standard reservation prices:
Amphitheater:  $100
Welcome Center:  $100
Bartlett Reflection Center:  $100

Wedding reservation prices:
Amphitheater:  $500
Welcome Center:  $200
Bartlett Reflection Center:  $200 

For additional information about planning weddings in the DePauw Nature Park, click here: weddings.docx.

Planning of events and use of the Nature Park venues should take into consideration the unique characteristics of the park environment. We have guidelines for use to ensure everyone's safe and rewarding use of the park. Please use the links on this web site to learn about the resources and opportunities at the Nature Park.