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Faces of DePauw

  • John Berry

    Innovative Artistry

    John Berry | Faculty

    Success and accomplishment flow from the challenging work done in the classroom and studio at DePauw…

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  • Leslie James

    Empowering Students

    Leslie James | Faculty

    Since I recognize that each student brings a unique dimension to the collective, it is problematic to…

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  • Brad Clement

    The Summit of Success

    Brad Clement | Alumni

    When Bradley Clement finished high school, he chose DePauw because he wanted to attend a “quintessential…

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  • Andrea Sununu

    The Difference is in the Details

    Andrea Sununu | Faculty

    For 27 years I’ve taught literature at DePauw and welcomed the chance to serve not only as teacher but…

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  • Molly Madden

    Transformative Encounters

    Molly Madden | Alumni

    What I find impressive about DePauw is its smaller size and breadth of opportunities. In the classroom…

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  • Sarah Salazar

    From Greencastle to Colombia

    Sarah Salazar | Alumni

    I came to DePauw as a Posse Scholar from Chicago who understood the value of education for students from…

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  • Christian Rivera

    Confidence In Leadership

    Christian Rivera | Alumni

    I came to DePauw as a Posse Scholar from an inner-city high school, already credited for my leadership…

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  •  Troy Tien Nguyen ’23

    Giving Back

    Troy Tien Nguyen ’23 | Student

    For domestic students, going to college is a new and exciting thing. But for international students,…

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  • Megan Casey Glover '04

    Visionary Entrepreneur

    Megan Casey Glover '04 | Alumni

    “Early in my career, I worked for DePauw’s Annual Fund. My job was to travel the country to meet with…

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  • Miguel Angel Navarro Jr.

    Embracing Different Perspectives

    Miguel Angel Navarro Jr. | Alumni

    I chose DePauw because I wanted to be somewhere where I felt at home. As a student, I was exposed to…

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  • Victoria de Dios ’23

    Focusing in on Film

    Victoria de Dios ’23 | Student

    I originally chose DePauw as it seemed the best fit for my interests – both academically and socially…

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  • Bree Mahoney-Sutherland ’25

    An Affinity for Black and Gold

    Bree Mahoney-Sutherland ’25 | Student

    I come from a long line of black and gold. With our lineage coming directly from an original board of…

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  • Eric Schmidt

    Building Community with Music

    Eric Schmidt | Faculty

    As a relatively small institution we have the luxury to get to know every student and learn more about…

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  • Kyle Smitley ‘07

    Social Change Agent

    Kyle Smitley ‘07 | Alumni

    Kyle Smitley launched an organic children’s clothing line at age 23, just a year out of DePauw. Inspired…

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  • Victoria Houghtalen

    Politics, People and DePauw

    Victoria Houghtalen | Alumni

    DePauw gives me more than an education; it empowers me to reach beyond the classroom to achieve my fullest…

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  • Craig Paré

    A Collaborative Approach

    Craig Paré | Faculty

    I love that our students come to classes and rehearsals hungry to learn and, when challenged, respond…

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  • Taylor Fleming ’24

    Leading with Purpose

    Taylor Fleming ’24 | Student

    In addition to the gorgeous campus, I chose DePauw because I wanted to go where people would see my potential…

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  • Seelye Stoffregen ’23

    A Passion for Global Health

    Seelye Stoffregen ’23 | Student

    Seelye Stoffregen ’23 didn’t have to look far from her Greencastle home to find the right place for her…

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  • Greg Schwipps

    Working Together

    Greg Schwipps | Faculty

    I am a DePauw professor but also a 1995 DePauw alumnus. I started my first-year at DePauw a would-be…

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  • Brandon Collins ’23

    Forming a Path in Public Health

    Brandon Collins ’23 | Student

    Brandon Collins ’23, a neuroscience and global health double major, chose DePauw because of the small…

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  • Mahmoud Abouelkheir

    Embracing Community

    Mahmoud Abouelkheir | Alumni

    I felt hesitant about coming to DePauw because of its location in a rural part of Indiana. Growing up…

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  • Jessica Levy ’23

    From Intern to Analyst

    Jessica Levy ’23 | Student

    I chose DePauw because I was looking for a management, finance or economics academic program that would…

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  • Sharon Crary

    Global Impact

    Sharon Crary | Faculty

    Professor Sharon Crary has studied the devastating effects of the Ebola virus for 15 years. Since the…

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  • Moises Rivera ’23

    Honoring Heritage

    Moises Rivera ’23 | Student

    My heritage impacts my daily life in almost every way, from the way I interact with people and how I…

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  • Khushboo “Ashna” Coondiah '23

    Journey of Growth

    Khushboo “Ashna” Coondiah '23 | Student

    Khushboo “Ashna” Coondiah traveled nearly 10,000 miles from her home to attend DePauw. She is a resident…

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  • Scott Wilkerson

    Applied learning. Real solutions.

    Scott Wilkerson | Faculty

    Out of graduate school, I worked for 3.5 years gaining invaluable experience with Exxon Production Research…

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  •  Elisa Villanueva Beard ’98

    Business Executive

    Elisa Villanueva Beard ’98 | Alumni

    In 2015, Elisa became chief executive officer of Teach For America. Today, under her leadership, Teach…

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  • Paul Remmler ’23

    Impacting a Community

    Paul Remmler ’23 | Student

    Paul Remmler ’23 spent the summer as an intern at the Putnam County Museum conducting community-based…

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