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ARTS 491

Senior Projects I

This is the first course in a two-semester series of focused studio practice for art majors in their senior year. In this course, students will produce a body of work that explores themes and concepts relevant to their own artistic research. These ideas will serve as the foundation for their exhibition in the Visual Arts Gallery in the spring semester. Through sustained exploration of ideas, continued experimentation with materials and techniques and ongoing critiques with faculty and peers, students will identify and articulate their core practice as an artist. Students will investigate examples of contemporary art practice through lectures, readings, research presentations and museum visits. In order to prepare for the professional art world, students will develop artist statements, document their work in a portfolio and seek opportunities such as exhibitions, residencies and graduate school. This course is WIM (writing in the major) course for studio are majors.

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1 course

Fall Semester information

Meredith Brickell

491A: Senior Projects I