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MUS 130

Musicking (was Understanding Music)

The idea of musicking conceives of music as a process rather than an object. It encompasses all activity involved in and surrounding music, including but not limited to performing, improvising, composing, listening, responding, dancing, teaching, engaging with music theory and history, and attending and producing musical events. MUS 130, a team-taught class, explores selected dimensions of musicking from multiple perspectives. Students rotate through modules that offer a foundational framework of the following skills: artistic creation, the exercise of individual and collaborative creativity in developing an artistic voice; critical thinking, the intellectual skills of curiosity, rational thought, analysis, and problem solving; and, everyday advocacy, the habits of mind for making meaningful connections between our audiences and our art and effectively advocating for what we value.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
3/4 course

Fall Semester information

Teagan Faran

130A: Musicking