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MUS 255

Instrumental/Choral Music Education Lab

This course provides an environment in which future music educators learn to rehearse and arrange for middle school and high school instrumental and choral ensembles. Students enroll in the course three spring semesters and gradually assume teaching responsibilities. By the conclusion of their third semester, students will: apply their pedagogical knowledge in the sequencing of lesson/rehearsal materials, select appropriate methods and literature for school ensembles, employ appropriate rehearsal techniques, refine their personal communicative teaching skills, hone their performance skills on secondary instruments, and assess student progress. Applicable only to degrees in the School of Music.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/4 course (first- and second-year students); 1/2 course (third-year students)

Spring Semester information

Zachary Clark

255A: Instru/Choral Mus.Ed.Lab