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International Education Week

International Education Week is a national initiative to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. DePauw University follows the calendar of US Department of Education and US Department of State to celebrate with a series of initiatives that provide our community with opportunities to engage in intercultural exchange through dialogue, art, food and celebrations. This week will include partnerships among the Center for Diversity and Inclusion's International Student Affairs, Hubbard Center for Student Engagement, International Student Association, and DePauw students. Please join us for these opportunities to share and learn!

International Education Week 2022 will be celebrated Nov. 14-20, 2022.
Please follow our Instagram @isadepauw for the latest information!

2022 International Education Week Schedule:

Global Lunch/Dinner (Location: Daseke Room in Hoover)

Each Global Lunch/Dinner will invite student presenter from various countries, who will share their beautiful cultures with the DePauw community!

Hoover will be providing food items from respective culture on each lunch/dinner!
Please purchase lunch/dinner as usual from Hoover and bring your meal to Daseke room to enjoy student presentations while having your meals!

Lunch: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Dinner: 6 - 7pm

    Monday, 11/14
        Lunch - Presenter: Catarina Pasini (Brazil)
        Dinner- Presenter: Nam Hoang (Vietnam)

    Tuesday, 11/15
         Lunch - Presenter: Noinah Sunchatavirul (Thailand)

    Wednesday, 11/16
        Dinner - Presenter: J-Club (Japan)

    Thursday, 11/17
        Lunch - Presenter: Gabriella Nabitaka (Uganda)

    Friday, 11/18
        Lunch - Presenter: Kavya Shrivastava (India)

International Bazaar on Sunday, 11/20, begins 5pm

Poster of 2022 International Education Week

Poster of 2022 International Bazaar on 11/20, 5pm


Past celebration - 2019 International Education Week:

Flier for a week long of events with dates and times of different spotlights and pictures of students