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ARTS 357

Advanced Painting: Every Painter is a Thief

There's no way around it: you got your ideas from somewhere else. In this class we will explore the lineage of our ideas and be deliberate in their context, function, framing, and form. It matters where our ideas and studio practice come from, but the question is: what do we do with them now that they're ours? Students will develop the ability to create paintings and articulate ideas through comparing what is original, reproduced, and appropriated. Readings, films, and critiques will prepare each student to pursue studio practice and research. In addition to completed projects, advanced students will be expected to lead an in-class demonstration on a material or technique they have mastered, complete a research paper on a public artist, and present their research in an oral presentation. Prerequisite: Introduction to Painting and a 200-level Painting course.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Introduction to Painting and a 200-level Painting course 1 course