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Mackenzie, Michael



(765) 658-4959

Art and Art History

Professor of Art and Art History

Ph. D. University of Chicago

Teaching Interests: European Modern Art; Contemporary Art: Modernist Architecture: Art of India

Courses Taught Regularly:

Intro to Art History, Renaissance to Modern (ARTH132)

Intro to Art of India (ARTH 134)

Modern Art and Modernity (ARTH 225)

Contemporary Art and Theory (ARTH 226)

Art and Literature of WWI (ARTH 290)

Abstract vs. Figurative Painting (ARTH 326)

Art and Literature in Paris and Berlin (ARTH 336)

Research Interests:

German art of the early 20th century, especially Expressionism and New Objectivity; what people thought it meant to be modern in Europe the 20th century, and how that translated into painting, architecture, and film; how people reflected on the trauma of the First World War in art, and how that relates to the image of the war in the wider culture. I am currently working on a book about Otto Dix and his images of the First World War and its aftermath.

Selected Publications:

"Painters, Planners, and Bricklayers: Making the Social Circulate in Otto Nagel's Young Bricklayer From the Stalinallee," in Centropa, Vol. 15, No. 2 (May 2015)

"The Athlete as Machine: A Figure of Modernity in Weimar Germany" in: Leibhaftiger Moderne: Ästhetik der Leibeskultur in der Zwischenkriegszeit, Transcript Verlag, Kai Sicks and Michael Cowen, eds. Bielefeld, 2005

"Maschinenmenschen, Athlete, und die Krise des Körpers in der Weimarer Republik," in: Die "Krise" der Weimarer Republik. Zur Kritik eines Deutungsmusters, Moritz Föllmer and Rüdiger Graf, eds., Campus Verlag, Frankfurt, 2005

"From Athens to Berlin: The 1936 Olympics and Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia," in: Critical Inquiry, Vol. 29 (Winter 2003)

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