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EDUC 390

Topics in Education Studies

Detailed study of theoretical and policy topics and issues related to education studies. May be repeated for credit with different topics. May not be taken pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Rebecca Alexander

390A: Tps:Border Pedagogies

This course immerses students in an exploration of core pedagogical concerns and possibilities raised by the US-Mexico and other borders. Focused on critical questions of mobility, difference, exclusion, production, reproduction and resistance, it pushes students to consider the relationship between nationalism, capitalism and education; center the praxis of migrants; and interrogate the epistemological and ontological bases of pedagogical practice.

Spring Semester information

Derek Ford

390A: Tps:Pedagogy in the Post-Truth

While some express shock that truth doesn't seem to matter in politics today, a critical look at history, education, and philosophy shows that this is nothing new. In this class, we will examine the contours of the so-called "post-truth" era. Paying particular attention to philosophy and political economy, we will ask what role the role of pedagogy is and should be in politics.

Rebecca Alexander

390B: Tps: Decolonizing Education

This course will look at educational systems, practices, and policy through the lens of decolonial theory. Decolonial theory begins from the premise that we live amidst ongoing colonial relations of land, power, and knowledge and interrogates both history and the present to illuminate, analyze and transform those relations. Critiquing the "false divide" between theory and practice, decolonial theorists are also committed to grounded action and ways of living, studying and working that contest colonial relations of power in everyday spaces including our schools and universities.