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Modern Languages

Students in the department of modern languages develop oral, written and reading proficiency in their target language and increase their awareness and understanding of foreign cultures through coursework in literature, cinema, civilization (both pre-modern and contemporary) and business.

The department encourages all students to spend at least one semester in an approved off-campus program in a country where their target language is spoken. Students with training in foreign languages and cultures have an important edge in today’s increasingly international job market. They often go on to successful careers in banking and business, government and diplomacy, education, travel, the Peace Corps, telecommunications and social work, among many other fields.

Majors and Minors Offered:

Chinese (minor only), French, German, Japanese (minor only), Romance Languages (major only), Russian (minor only), and Spanish

Sample Courses:

German Cultural Studies, Chinese Conversation, Review of Elementary French, Intermediate Japanese I, Spoken Russian, Spanish Civilization