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ANTH 290

Anthropological Perspectives

This course studies innovative, timely and often interdisciplinary topics that are not a formal part of the sociology and anthropology curriculum. Often these courses apply anthropological perspectives and insights to issues that we either take for granted or study in other disciplines. Topics may include Anthropology of Time and Space; Anthropology of the Body; Power and Violence; Men and Masculinity; Judaism and Bible; and other topics. Prerequisite: ANTH 151, sophomore standing or permission of the instructor. The course may be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
ANTH 151, sophomore standing or permission of the instructor 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Clark Sage

290A: Persp:The Undead, Monsters and the Paranormal

Daniel Joseph

290B: Persp:Anthropology of the Caribbean

Spring Semester information

Daniel Joseph

290A: Persp:Applied Anthropology


290B: Persp: