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SOC 344

Girls, Women, Deviance, and Social Control

There has been almost a 650% increase in the incarceration of women over the last 30 years in the United States. Not only are women's crimes often different than men's, women's histories and criminal trajectories are often not the same. However, much of the academic and popular discourse has focused on male deviance, crime and incarceration. Over the last few decades, feminist scholars have developed theoretical and empirical work (feminist criminology) on girls and women's participation in crime and deviance and the gendered social control of girls and women. In this course, we will explore this approach through topics such as women working in the international cocaine trade, "gun women", mothering in prison and sex worker activism to gain a better understanding of girls' and women's experiences.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Science One course in SOC or permission of instructor. 1 course