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Be Heard

Are you a musician eager to cultivate your talent? An artist passionate about making an impact? An aspiring performer seeking to create new sounds and discover your artistic voice? The DePauw University School of Music provides undergraduate students with an excellent foundation, preparing them to imagine and pursue a breadth of career paths and adapt to changing conditions in our field.


As one of the first schools of music in the nation, we challenge students to develop artistic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking skills; engage audiences from the stage, within their communities and across digital platforms; act as socially minded entrepreneurial musicians; recognize and champion diversity of all kind; and leverage technology in the creation and dissemination of music.  At DePauw, you will collaborate with other artists and challenge yourself intellectually and musically in a personalized and nurturing setting.

In partnership with DePauw’s College of Liberal Arts, we encourage students to integrate practical musical skills with critical thinking and intellectual inquiry, empowering them to build upon their undergraduate education through lifelong learning.