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The International Admission Intern position is a professional role designed to give DePauw students a glimpse of what it is like to work in Admissions and the Higher Education sector. Successful interns are passionate about DePauw, communicate well and enjoy meeting and interacting with students and families of diverse backgrounds. Our interns are available to assist incoming international students navigate DePauw application process. You can schedule a 30 minutes Tiger Talk with an intern and learn more about DePauw from their perspectives.

Kazuki Aoyama Kazuki Aoyama International Admission Intern

Hello! My name is Kazuki Aoyama, and I am an international first year student from Japan. My intended major are Economics and Environmental Geoscience, and I am also a member of the Management Fellows Program. I love the tight-knit community of DePauw which encourages me to expand my network and engage in new opportunities and events on campus.

My hobbies are beatboxing, music production and rugby, and I am grateful to be associated with DePauwCapella and the Rugby club on campus where I have met many like-minded people. One of my favorite places on campus is the DePauw nature park, where I usually go for a walk there with friends during the weekends. It’s a wonderful place to refresh and relieve yourself from academic stress so I strongly recommend everyone to visit there at least once!

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Kanyanat Sunchatavirul Kanyanat Sunchatavirul International Admission Intern

Hi! My name is Kanyanat Sunchatavirul, but you can call me Noinah, and I am an international first-year student from Bangkok, Thailand. I am a computer science major with an undecided major in mathematics or data science minor. Aside from that, I am currently a member of the DePauw Women's Basketball team. DePauw's strong community has captivated me since the first day I became a DePauw student. I hope that through this opportunity, I will be able to pass on the same experiences I've gained to the incoming tigers.

Outside of classes, I was also lucky to be able to act as secretary for the DePauw Executive Robotics Club. I enjoy reading online novels, watching Marvel movies, listening to K-pop music, and hanging out with friends during my free time. I am frequently spotted around Lilly Center, but I absolutely enjoy spending time at the Percy L. Julian Science and Mathematics Center. DePauw campus is incredibly lovely, and you can discover something unique every place you go. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to learn more about DePauw experiences!

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Khue Linh Nguyen Khue Linh Nguyen International Admission Intern

Hello! My name is Khue Nguyen, but the whole campus calls me Sydney. I am an international first-year student from Vietnam, who intended to pursue a major in Economics and am considering a double major in Communication. I am a member of the Management Fellows Program as well. My experiences at DePauw have been going so great this semester since the campus community here is so welcoming to international students, which helps me a lot in making new friends and involving with many amazing events. 

I really love dancing and hanging out with my loved ones. I am currently a member of the Xcell dance club and this is one of the happiest contributions to my social life until now. In addition, spending time enjoying the Fall here is definitely my favorite thing to do as the campus will be so gorgeous by the time all the leaves turn yellow. I am so grateful to be at DePauw and I would love to share my experiences further. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to know more about DePauw.

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Jaewoo Seong Jaewoo Seong International Admission Intern

Hello! My name is Jaewoo Seong, and I am an international first-year student from South Korea. My intended major is Computer Science, and I am a member of the Management Fellows Program. The DePauw community offers a diverse array of experiences and there are many things to take advantage of. I love spending time with my friends and enjoying the lovely DePauw campus. The sunset and the night sky are phenomenal!! 

My hobbies are playing tennis, reading, and exploring campus. The facility here is amazing; the more you take an interest, the more you can take advantage of it. The best part about the DePauw campus is that you get to enjoy all the seasons. Every part of campus has its own unique charm, and it is a joy to experience them all. I love talking with people and engaging in conversations. If you want to chat, I am always free!!

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XinTian Song XinTian Song International Admission Intern

Hello! My name is Song XinTian, you can call me Tina. I am an international first-year student from China. My intended major is Economics and am considering a double major in Actuarial Science or Psychology. The inclusiveness for international students at DePauw made me really enjoy studying here. I love hanging out with friends from all over the world and getting involved in different campus activities. 

In my spare time, I love to play badminton and squash. It is a great way to refresh myself and relax. I enjoy seeing how seasons change here. Sitting under the red maple tree in fall and enjoying the sunset is definitely a wonderful experience. The school provides international students with various activities, among those speaking groups is my favorite. I made lots of new friends and learned about different cultures in the speaking group. DePauw is for sure a right choice for me and I have learned a lot here. Please feel free to contact me and talk with me, I am always here to share more and help you with your concerns.

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Khusi Singh Khusi Singh International Admission Intern

Hello! My name is Khusi Singh, an international student from Nepal. I am currently a first year student who is intending to double major in Global Health and Economics plus a minor in Data Science, however I might change my second major to Business Analytics . Business Analytics is a major that is going to be introduced next year, through DePauw’s new School of Business and Leadership. I am part of the Jane and David Stone Civic Leadership program, as a Stone Scholar, we do community services to help grow the Greencastle community stronger. You will also probably hear my voice every Tuesday 11-12pm (EST) on WGRE, which is a radio show I host with my friends. 

Aside from academics, I love playing basketball, watching anime and clicking random videos. The one thing that sold me on DePauw was the faculty and the staff. I took one information session online through zoom back home, and immediately I felt as if I was valued here. As an international student, belonging to a community and having a safe and healthy environment was one of my biggest requirements in choosing a college. DePauw has exactly that with a small close-knit community, with several perks packed into it. 

We are here to help each one of you to find a community you like here at DePauw, so do not hesitate to reach out and use us as a resource.

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