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DePauw University has not been contacted regarding distribution of COVID-19 vaccines directly to our students and employees. While the CDC is issuing directives about who to vaccinate and in what order, each state determines how to achieve that goal. You can find more information regarding the state of Indiana’s COVID-19 vaccine plan here. This website also includes a COVID-19 dashboard which includes information about how many vaccine doses have been administered in each Indiana county.

Indiana residents age 70 and older are now eligible to schedule a vaccination appointment, as are long-term care residents, first responders (fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, reservists and volunteers) who have in-person contact with the public and licensed and unlicensed healthcare workers who have in-person contact with patients or infectious material in any healthcare setting.  You may go to https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/vaccine/ to secure an appointment.

According to early January CDC recommendations, phase 1 distribution includes teachers. To date, this has not been formally added to the state of Indiana’s plan. It's important to note that the media is using "teachers" and "K-12 teachers" interchangeably; the University has not received any clarifying information on how CDC recommendations related to “teachers” apply to individuals teaching in higher education. 

When the vaccine is available to individuals in phases 1 and 2, it is likely that DePauw will not secure it on behalf of our population, but rather work with either Hendricks Regional Health, Putnam County Hospital, and/or The Putnam County Health Department to support and execute the state's plan. 

Additionally, please note that our testing policies on campus will not change even as members of the community may begin to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Any changes in testing policies or cadence will be communicated to the DePauw community. 

(last updated 1.13.21)