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Employment Outside of Regular Position

The Human Resources Office may give authorization for full-time employees to perform duties outside of their regular position for events that include but are not limited to: Alumni Reunion Weekend, Commencement, Old Gold Weekend, and Freshman Testing for Institutional Research. Authorization must be obtained from Human Resources before employees are hired for these events. Normally, employees who work these events do not experience a conflict with their regular positions because these hours are worked at a time when they are not normally scheduled to work in their regular position. However, if employees wish to work these events during a time when they are normally scheduled to work in their regular position, they may request the use of vacation or personal time to cover the absence from their regular position. Approval is granted at the supervisor’s discretion.
A Personnel Action Sheet (see Personnel Action Sheet) is required for authorization of these hours. The approved account number from which the hours will be paid must be specified on the Personnel Action Sheet. A flat hourly rate is normally established for these positions. Employees are paid the greater of the established flat rate or their overtime rate. Hours must be reported on the yellow time card that is used for part-time, temporary, and on-call employees. Hours worked will be paid as special earnings and no benefits will be calculated on these hours. The payroll manager will process these hours for employees so they will not be applied toward those hours budgeted for their regular position.