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Annual Hours

Each hourly position is budgeted for a specified number of annual hours. Budgeted hours include regular hours worked, vacation time taken, sick time taken, personal time taken, paid holidays, bereavement leave and any other hours for which the employee is paid excluding overtime. The calculation of annual hours will be based upon the 26 biweekly, pay periods that encompass the fiscal year. The 26 pay periods are identified on the biweekly staff time report schedule issued annually by the accounting office. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to develop a schedule that will be within the hours budgeted for the position. Employees are not permitted to exceed the annual hours budgeted for their position without the prior written approval of the vice president to which their department reports. A Personnel Action Sheet (see Personnel Action Sheet) is required for authorization of additional hours and it must indicate the approved account from which the hours will be paid. The department will be required to locate funds for excess work hours that were not approved.