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DyKnow/Tablet PCs

The DyKnow Software Suite enables instructors and students to interactively share, annotate, save, retrieve, and replay material during and after class.


Tablet PCs and other pen-based devices provide the optimal environment for the use of DyKnow, but it can also be used on a variety of hardware, including desktop and laptop classrooms. Included in the suite are DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor.

Pedagogical Uses

DyKnow facilitates the acquisition of information given in steps. DyKnow Vision enables:

  • Sharing of instructor content with student workstations
  • Students to take notes alongside the instructor's content
  • Instructors to pose questions to students and students to submit their answers
  • Sharing of student panels
  • Replaying of panels for after class review from any Internet enabled Windows PC


Instructions and other materials on how to use DyKnow can be accessed in the IT KnowledgeBase. Faculty and staff can contact FITS at fits@depauw.edu for assistance in learning and using DyKnow. Please check our FITS events calendar for upcoming workshops.

Last update: 06-Nov-2018