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Remote and Mixed Instruction

Faculty members can keep teaching and learning moving forward during circumstances that necessitate remote and mixed instruction.

When circumstances necessitate the use of remote or mixed in-person/remote instruction, FITS can help you explore options and develop your plan.


  • Have a strategy in place for course activities. Review course learning goals and provide students with directions if they or the instructor are absent for an extended period of time. Contact FITS at fits@depauw.edu for assistance in thinking through strategies for classes. Your department chair may also be a resource for innovative ideas.
  • Communicate Effectively. Early and frequent communication with your students can allay anxiety and help avoid multiple individual questions.
  • Plan ahead. Trying to learn new software during an emergency or illness may further complicate the situation. Choose and learn the necessary software for a class activity beforehand and make sure students are comfortable with it.
  • Consult policies on class attendance and absences and incomplete grades in the Academic Handbook as well as the Student Handbook to determine if an incomplete is in the best interest of the student rather than having the student try to catch up from an absence.

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Last updated: 31-Jul-2023