Prof. Greg Ristow "Wants to Make Choral Music Cool Again"

Prof. Greg Ristow "Wants to Make Choral Music Cool Again"

August 27, 2013

"Greg Ristow wants to make choral music cool again," begins an Indianapolis Star feature. Amanda Bell writes, "He’s not joking. The 35-year-old, who took over as artistic director for Encore Vocal Arts, is convinced he can transform the genre from a 'stilted and proper' cultural obligation to a viable entertainment option for today’s generation." (photo by Michelle Pemberton/Indianapolis Star)

As the article notes, "Ristow, also the director of DePauw University’s choral program, is trying to educate a new generation of singers to adapt to a new performance model. 'My students live in a multimedia world. There’s hardly one who’s not comfortable with the idea of the fusion of art. They almost expect it,' he said. 'Every rock or pop concert they’ve ever been to has been as visually exciting as it is musically exciting.' "

MEC 094Professor Ristow adds, "Choral performances have become like going to a museum, something you feel like you should do, when they should be about entertainment.We’re trying to forget all previous models of choral concert and say ‘How can we entertain with this great music?’ "

Bell adds, "His vision: Think a mash-up of Cirque du Soleil, America’s Got Talent and traditional choral music combined with technology and multimedia elements."

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At the DePauw University School of Music, Dr. Ristow conducts the Chamber Singers and University Chorus and teaches classes in choral conducting and choral literature.  He also serves as conductor of the Interlochen Singers and teaches Eurhythmics at the Interlochen Arts Camp, in Interlochen, Michigan. Learn more in this previous summary.

Source: Indianapolis Star