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Ed Lehman '82 to Establish Free Legal Aid Clinic in China

Ed Lehman '82 to Establish Free Legal Aid Clinic in China

March 5, 2008

Ed Lehman 2008.jpgMarch 5, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - Edward E. Lehman, managing partner of Lehman, Lee & Xu and 1982 graduate of DePauw University, is planning to establish one of the first legal aid clinics in China. The new facility will provide free legal assistance to those who cannot afford access to lawyers and courts.

Lehman, who has been practicing law in China for two decades, "has seen dramatic economic success for China and many of its citizens" over that period, notes an announcement from his firm. "For those less fortunate, access to justice has been slow. Inspired by the legal tradition in the United States, the clinic is designed to not only provide services for these individuals, but also to be a model for other law firms and lawyers in Ed Lehman Bush.jpgChina's developing legal market."

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Ed Lehman's personal accomplishments include being the first and only foreign lawyer to work at a Chinese state-run law firm since 1949, as well as the first foreign lawyer to manage a Chinese law firm since the founding of the People's Republic. Recently he was appointed a guest professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law.