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Susan Dewey's Hollow Bodies is Published

Susan Dewey's Hollow Bodies is Published

June 24, 2008

Hollow Bodies Susan Dewey.JPGJune 24, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - Susan C. Dewey, research associate at DePauw University, is the author of Hollow Bodies: Institutional Responses to Sex Trafficking in Armenia, Bosnia and India. The book has just been published by Kumarian Press.

A synopsis states, "In Hollow Bodies, Susan Dewey travels to Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and India to follow the trade in women's bodies and efforts to stop it. What she finds is a counter-trafficking system at the mercy of funds from misguided international organizations and foreign governments. From counterproductive restrictions placed on NGOs by donors, to jaded employees and bribes given to prosecutors, Dewey highlights the structural flaws in place that allow, and sometimes even help, sex trafficking to continue. Based on research conducted with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Dewey speaks with a range of actors from bar Susan Dewey.jpgworkers in Bombay to Embassy employees in Armenia and senior officials at international organizations. She discovers how a global problem plays on differently on the local level and why millions of aid dollars make little difference in the lives of women who are forced or compelled from their homes into the global sex trade."

Learn more at the publisher's Web site or Barnes & Noble.com.

Susan Dewey is a cultural anthropologist specializing in macroeconomic policy and Indian culture, particularly women's culture. Earlier this year, her book Making Miss India Miss World: Constructing Gender, Power, and the Nation in Postliberalization India was published by Syracuse University Press. Learn more in this previous story.