Article on Salaries for 2010 Grads Quotes Steve Langerud

Article on Salaries for 2010 Grads Quotes Steve Langerud

May 13, 2010

langerud_steve.jpgMay 13, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — "Many students and adults who go for the money in their first job do so at the risk of a mid-life crisis or worse," Steve Langerud, director of career services at DePauw University, tells Langerud is quoted in a story which examines starting salaries for college graduates across America, which are expected to be slightly lower than last year.

Patience is key, according to Langerud. He says, "[Liberal arts students] speak, write and think effectively and what they need to know professionally comes on the job ... The money follows but not always right away."

New graduates who can't find a job that's a good fit should consider unpaid internships, says Langerud, calling them "one of the most significant and effective investments a recent graduate can make in their future."  

The National Association of Colleges and Employers is predicting that 2010 graduates will make an average starting salary of $47,673, down from $48,515 a year ago.  Yet jobs in communications are expected to pay more, according to the survey.

Langerud states, "Woody Allen said that IMG_8437.jpg80 percent of success is just showing up. He's right!  When you combine showing up with talent you have a magic combination for success in the job market. No matter what the economy is doing."

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Langerud came to DePauw last fall from Grinnell College. Learn more about him in this story from last week.

You're also invited to visit DePauw's career services Web site.